antsFidelity Exterminating chose an ant as our logo for good reason….we get more calls for these pesky kitchen counter invaders than anything else….COMBINED!!

The most common type of ant found in home in our service area is the Odorous House Ant. This ant is also commonly referred to as the sugar ant, sweet ant, piss ant, etc. It actually gets its name Odorous House Ant from the acrid smell it gives off when alarmed or crushed. A smell some describe as the same as rotten coconuts.

With colonies that have populations numbering in the several thousands, the ability to fit through the tiniest of cracks and crevices, and the ability to produce multiple queens within a colony these are one of the hardest insects to control. Use the wrong ‘store bought’ pesticide and you succeed in nothing more than scattering them throughout your home.

Leave these to the professionals at Fidelity Exterminating. We know how to find their colonies and what control measures are appropriate to use.

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