Bed Bugs

bed-bugsI guess we were all wrong when we thought these things were eradicated back in the 60’s. Oooops!

They’re back with a vengeance now! And no, they’re not just an inner city problem. They’re in the cities AND the ‘burbs. The world has become a smaller place with our ability to travel to any part of the planet on a “moment’s notice”.  And guess what we’ve been bringing back to the good ole U.S. of A.?

A 2012 study/survey by the National Pest Management Association found:

  • 75% of hotels/motels reported bedbugs
  • 47% of college dorms
  • 47% in shelters
  • 46% in nursing homes
  • 41% in schools/day care centers
  • 36% in office buildings
  • 33% in hospitals
  • 26% in doctor/outpatient clinics
  • 21% in transportation (trains/buses/taxis)
  • 10% in movie theaters

Scary, huh? Luckily, Fidelity Exterminating is able to tailor a treatment program to suit your needs no matter where the problem exists.

If you suspect bedbugs have invaded your home or business call today 410-272-BUGS(2847) for a free, no obligation estimate to stop these nasty little critters.


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