Stinging Insects

waspDid you know that a yellow jacket colony living within the structure of your home will use the paper that holds drywall together as nesting material..weakening your drywall in the process?

Guess what happens when the drywall gives way and exposes the nest? That’s right, a room full of angry yellow jackets! And since yellow jackets are in the wasp family (along with Bald Faced Hornets, European Hornets, and Paper Wasps) they can (and will!) sting you multiple times without losing their stinger!

So, whether you hear them in your wall or have run over a ground nest with your lawnmower, call Fidelity Exterminating at 410-272-BUGS(2847) or 800-511-BUGS(2847) to eliminate them. We offer an immediate service (typically within 2 hours) and most importantly ‘peace of mind’ that your family and pets aren’t exposed to these dangerous insects!


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