11 bugs that you can eat and what they taste like


Although bugs aren’t often on the menu in many US households, people the world over routinely eat insects. In fact, an estimated 2 billion people eat insects as part of their traditional diet worldwide, according to a report by the United Nations. Over 1,900 different species of insects have been used for food, as noted in the same report.

Known as entomophagy, the practice of eating bugs is nothing new. Now recognized as a more environmentally sustainable protein when compared to animal agriculture, insects can create a lot of nutritious food with far less waste, as noted in The Huffington Post.

But this doesn’t mean grabbing a random bug from your yard and eating it raw. (This is actually a bad idea because of potential pesticides.) Most of these edible bugs are best enjoyed spiced, fried, smoked, or sauteed, like any other tasty treat. We rounded up some bugs you didn’t know you could eat.

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