4 Easy Ways to tell if you are suffering from a Bed Bug problem.

With 99.6% of Pest Control Technicians in the Industry having treated bed bugs sometime in the last year, it is safe to say that bed bugs are a serious problem. Bed bugs can be identified by their brownish oval shape and their apple seed size. The importance of recognizing a bed bug infestation early cannot be stressed enough, as an infestation can easily go from one room to an entire house in only a matter of months.

One of the best ways to prevent or control bed bug infestations is to regularly inspect your house and notify your local Pest Control Company (Fidelity Exterminating Inc.) immediately if you believe you may have Bed Bugs. This is why we have provided you with the top signs of a bed bug problem in your house!


  1. Dark Reddish Stains on your Bed Sheets or Mattresses/Box Spring.


It’s in the name! Bed Bugs love being close to their source of food, which is you! Therefore the bed is one of their favorite hiding spots. Although they do love the bed, that doesn’t mean they won’t live elsewhere within your home. These stains are created from Feces, Blood, and Squished Bed Bugs. They can typically be found under the mattress where bed bugs are likely to be crushed or gather together.



  1. LIVE Bed Bugs.

Obviously this has made the list. When you flip over your mattress, or your bed spring, and spot live apple seed sized oval parasites scattering across your mattress, it is a clear indicator that you have a bed bug problem. Just because you don’t see them under your mattress does not mean that they are not there. Be sure you are checking the corners, underneath the tags, you can also remove the dust cover from underneath your furniture and have a look inside. Bed Bugs are capable of hiding in even the smallest spaces, and all it takes is 1. It is HIGHLY recommended to collect a sample of one of the live/dead bugs or casings to show your local Pest Control Company so they can easily identify the issue.  



  1. Itchy, Reddish Bites.

Until you become a victim of their bites, you wouldn’t even consider inspecting your house. If you are waking up with bites on your body, you may have a bed bug problem in your home! These bites are more common on parts of the body that may be exposed while sleeping, but they can and will go after parts that are under covers as well. Be sure not to confuse bed bug bites for fleas or chiggers as those usually bite around your ankles. If in doubt, it is best to have Fidelity Exterminating come out and take a look for you!



  1. Strong Odor

Bed Bugs release what are known as pheromones. When disturbed, whether intentional or not, they can scatter and kick up this smell that some have referred to as “musty”. This may not be the reason you know you have bed bugs, but if you accompany this “musty” odor with another sign on this list, it is highly likely!

This sums up our list of the Top 4 Signs you have a Bed Bug Problem in your home! Be sure to contact us if you feel you may have bed bugs! Catching them early is key!





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