Tara the terrier savages 600 rats on her mission to rid estate of rodents

She may look cute and cuddly, but Tara has killed over 600 rats, some almost as big as she is. Once snaring 42 in a day


The people of housing estate in County Durham have a niche way of dealing with their rat infestation problem.

One local is single-handedly putting an end to the community’s problem, by hunting all the rats herself.

Tara, the pet terrier, and her owner Adrian Oliver are on a mission to rid a housing estate in Durham of its long-running rodent problem which has left parents fearing for their children’s safety.

Cute Tara, who looks like a teddy, has snared over 600 rodents in the past year, and once managed to kill 42 in one day.

Adrian, 33, has slammed Durham County Council and says they should sort the problem out on the housing estate, near Gilesgate, on the edge of the city, and it shouldn’t be left to his pet.

The dad-of-two said: ‘I am scared of letting my little girl play outside because I am so worried that a rat will come and jump on her.

‘They are everywhere, in bins, cars, sheds and they even burrow underneath people’s houses and chew through the foundations.

‘If it wasn’t for Tara they would literally be breeding like rats. We would be overrun with them, they’d start to infect people and cause illness.


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