Want to kill that bug? This shotgun uses table salt to do so.

Yellow Bug-A-Salt 2.0

Killing flies and cockroaches is no longer a disagreeable task after the invention of the Bug-a-salt, a plastic shotgun that fires salt at the bugs, knocking them out and leaving them ready for the garbage.

An advertising video for the gun has become popular recently in social networks because of its humor. The short commercial pokes fun at absurd television infomercials and action movies.

The video shows inventor Lorenzo Maggiore firing the plastic shotgun from various positions, including from behind a tree.

But the product’s real job is to kill flies without damaging anything around them. All of the “shots” end with a slow-motion sequence of the insects being knocked out.

Skell Inc., which sells the product, hit the market in 2012 after Maggiore launched a fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo.com. His video attracted clients and media reports around the world.



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